Our lab

This is where the magic happens…..

The Innovation Lab is the heart of our organization. This is the place where we create and invent products we are passionate about. We combine the most advanced technologies with new concepts and the latest market insights. We challenge ourselves to think differently from other companies.

By bringing all of this together, we are able to develop innovative products which are both forward-thinking and unique.

  • Designing


    The design process starts with an idea or a problem that needs a solution. In this starting phase, we look if the idea has enough potential to become a successful product. Target groups, markets and already existing similar products are analysed leading to the specifications of the product. With these specifications different solutions are designed and the problem is approached from different views to get to new, innovative designs.

  • Engineering


    The chosen concept will be developed further and all needed calculations are made. Different production techniques are looked at to select the best one for this specific product. 3D models provide a realistic idea of the final design and with different rapid prototyping methods we create a prototype, which can be used in several tests. Based on the models and test results we finalize the design.

  • Manufacturing


    Once the engineering is completed, the product can be manufactured. For the purchase parts we search for the best manufactures worldwide. For the custom made parts the production is started and the first draft series are made. During this fase it can happen the design needs to be changed. To get a high quality result, Global Factories makes use of many different production technologies.