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We are pioneers in the field of medicine verification techniques. We were the first to develop a reliable, accurate machine for the time-consuming activity of checking medicine pouches. With our consumers’ needs in mind, we make medication distribution more efficient, reliable and safe.

We provide products for various methods of medicine distribution which make the process of packing medicines faster and safer. Selecting which distribution method that best suits your situation is up to you. Our team of specialists is ready to help you to the next level of pharmacy automation.

A wide range of products

We develop a wide range of products for verification, process efficiency, medicine distribution and medicine adherence.  

Global Factories Personal Medication Card

Personal Medication Card

The Personal Medication Card gives a clear overview of all medicines taken within a certain period.

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Global Factories VBM Blister Packing Machine

VBM Blister Packing Machine

The VBM Blister Packing Machine checks, and then fills Personal Medication Cards with medicines in a single smooth process.

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Global Factories MDM 1 series

MDM 1 series

The MDM 1 Series accurately and effectively verifies and reviews medicine rolls at patient level.

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Global Factories MDM 2 series

MDM 2 series

The MDM 2 Series is suited to process medium to large numbers of patients and batch strings.

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Global Factories MDM 3 series & Winder

MDM 3 series & Winder

The MDM 3 Series & Winder allows the cutting and winding of batch rolls into separate patient rolls.

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Global Factories MDC | Medicine Detection Check-out

MDC | Medicine Detection Check-out

Medicine Detection Check-out (MDC) is the software for pouch review and check out.

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Global Factories Repair station

Repair station

The Repair Station is a small module for producing images of repaired pouches.

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Global Factories theBOX


The BOX stores the medication roll safely and gives an alarm whenever the medication should be taken.

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Global Factories Medicine Dispensers

Medicine Dispensers

Medicine Dispensers allow for safe and convenient storage of patient pouch rolls.

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Global Factories Medicine Carts

Medicine Carts

Medicine Carts have a variety of components and accessories to transport medicine easily.

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Global Factories Table Winder

Table Winder

The Table Winder is used for winding patient rolls or small pouch rolls.

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Global Factories SA Winder

SA Winder

The SA (Standalone) Winder creates rolls of pouches at any speed, controlled by a foot pedal or hand controller.

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Global Factories TPM Winder

TPM Winder

The TPM Winder is a fully automatic winder, winding rolls directly from a tablet packaging machine.

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