The Personal Medication Card is more than simply a blister card containing a patient’s medication

  • The Personal Medication Card is convenient for the user, and gives clear overview of the times of medicine intake.
  • Coaching patients and monitoring their medicine use improves their medicine adherence.
  • The VBM Blister Packaging Machine is a reliable, efficient and safe way to fill and check the contents of Personal Medication Cards.
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Creates a clear overview of medicine intake

The Personal Medication Card shows all intake times at a glance, neatly organised by day of the week and time of day. This gives users support with their medicine intake. Inside the card is space for additional information such as instructions for use of the medicine.

Registers medicine intake

The adherence chip on the Personal Medication Card registers the time and date that a cup was opened. This information is stored on the adherence chip and can be viewed in different ways. The chip is assigned to a user using a unique ID number, ensuring the user's privacy. The chip can be re-used for a new blister card and user.

Monitors medicine conditions

The adherence chip also registers the temperature throughout its use. This makes it possible to ensure that the medicine was stored under the correct conditions. Therefore no medication is wasted due to uncertainty as to whether it has been kept at the correct temperature.

Offers advice to users

TThe Personal Medication Card gives vital information about users' behaviour, making it possible to guide, advise and help them in the best way. This valuable information can also be shared with doctors and carers, giving the pharmacist a central role in the medicine therapy.

Enhanced supervision of patient risk

The Personal Medication Card allows the pharmacist or health professional to review and monitor medication compliance to ensure its maximum impact. In combination with other health measuring devices, it can give a crucial overview of the effectiveness of the therapy.

Automated filling with the VBM Blister Packaging Machine

The Personal Medication Card, with or without its adherence chip, can be filled manually or automatically. Our special VBM Blister Packaging Machine not only fills each cavity with the correct prescribed medicine but also verifies that each cavity has been correctly filled. Using the unique and proven verification techniques developed by Global Factories, the VBM fills and checks multi-dose Personal Medication Card accurate and quickly.

The VBM Blister Packaging Machine

Using the unique and proven verification techniques of Global Factories, the VBM packs and checks multidose blister packings accurate and quickly. Watch this video about this innovative new machine!

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