We are the world leader in pouch verification

  • We provide products which can detect, wind, monitor and store the medicine pouches
  • The MDM, the world's first machine for pouch verification, reduces the time it takes for checking pouches by 65%.
  • Our systems check millions of pouches every day, worldwide
Global Factories Pouch


High-speed, accurate checking

The Medicine Detection Machine (MDM) automatically checks the content of every medicine pouch and compares it against the prescribed medicines. The MDM reads the pouch bar code and quickly and accurately checks several variables, such as the shape, color and number of pills.

Pouch supervision and excellent traceability

Our Pouch Review software provides detailed results for the verification process, highlighting the pouches that require review and allowing instant access to data for all pouches. Reports can be printed or exported, and repaired pouches can be registered by capturing a new image at the Repair Station.

Monitor production and quality

Innovative software enables usage of the data connected to the barcode in different processes after the medication rolls have left the pharmacy. Data can be crucial for the pharmacist, for example in case of a medication recall. But this data can also be used to optimize the process even more, with detailed information about the production and potential delays in the packing process.

Suitable solutions for every pharmacy, hospital and care establishment

Within the MDM system, there is a whole range of different types of machines which perfectly suit all kinds of production processes and capacities. All Medicine Detection Machines are compatible with different types and brands of tablet packing machines.

Increased efficiency

To increase the process efficiency, winders can be used in different phases of the production. Whether the pouches are exiting a Table Packing Machine or have just been checked by the MDM, we have a solution which automatically creates a set of neatly wound rolls of pouches, ready for the next step in the production process.

Storage and distribution made simple

For each stage in the distribution of pouch rolls, we have especially designed products to make distribution and storage as simple and easy as possible. These products help organize and protect medications with ease and security.

Our products for pouch verification:

Global Factories MDM 1 series

MDM 1 series

The MDM 1 Series accurately and effectively verifies and reviews medicine rolls at patient level.

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Global Factories MDM 2 series

MDM 2 series

The MDM 2 Series is suited to process medium to large numbers of patients and batch strings.

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Global Factories MDM 3 series & Winder

MDM 3 series & Winder

The MDM 3 Series & Winder allows the cutting and winding of batch rolls into separate patient rolls.

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Global Factories MDC | Medicine Detection Check-out

MDC | Medicine Detection Check-out

Medicine Detection Check-out (MDC) is the software for pouch review and check out.

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Global Factories Repair station

Repair station

The Repair Station is a small module for producing images of repaired pouches.

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Global Factories TPM Winder

TPM Winder

The TPM Winder is a fully automatic winder, winding rolls directly from a tablet packaging machine.

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Global Factories SA Winder

SA Winder

The SA (Standalone) Winder creates rolls of pouches at any speed, controlled by a foot pedal or hand controller.

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Global Factories Table Winder

Table Winder

The Table Winder is used for winding patient rolls or small pouch rolls.

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Global Factories Medicine Dispensers

Medicine Dispensers

Medicine Dispensers allow for safe and convenient storage of patient pouch rolls.

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Global Factories theBOX


The BOX stores the medication roll safely and gives an alarm whenever the medication should be taken.

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Global Factories Medicine Carts

Medicine Carts

Medicine Carts have a variety of components and accessories to transport medicine easily.

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