BCO – Blister Check-out

Easy check-out of blister cards

  • Quick overview

  • Add medicine

  • Insight in production data

The Blister Check-out (BCO) software shows the contents of all packed blisters in a clear overview and makes it easy to complete blisters for transport.

With the BCO desktop, it is easy to check and finish the blister cards with a printed carton, making it complete. After this final check the blister cards are ready for the customer.


Quick overview of filled blisters

Once a filled blister is scanned in BCO an overview of all filled blister cups is given. Because of the clear user interface of the software, those blister cups that need extra medication can be quickly identified. The special blister tray holder, in combination with the BCO desktop and the adjustable guides, makes it easy to seal the blister with a special card and get it ready for transport.


Easy add medicine

Medicines that cannot be dispensed by the VBM Blister Packing Machine for any reason can be added to the blister card after production in the VBM. BCO indicates which medication is missing and to what blister cup it needs to be added. So adding medicines is easy and safe.

Insight in production data

During production, the entire packing process is photographed and all data is safely stored for reporting and future reference. Data and images of all the packed medicines and blister cards are therefore always available and can be found and shown in the BCO software.


“BCO helps to complete the blister card and makes it ready for the customer.”

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