Blister Card

Clear overview of medicine intake

  • Easy to understand

  • Extensive information

  • Insight in production data

The Personal Medication Card shows all intake times at a glance, neatly organized by day of the week and time of day.

Having a clear overview supports users with their medicine intake. The Card comes in different sizes, with small and larger cavities allowing four intake times a day. Our VBM Blister Packaging Machine fills and verifies each cavity.

Easy to understand

The Personal Medication Card is intuitive and simple to use, and light and easy to carry around. Each blister cup is perforated, making it easy to only take the cups you need on the go. All Personal Medication Cards have a clear design so that the information is easy to read and understand. These features also make the card easy to hand over to the patient.

Extensive information

Information about the contents of each cavity are printed on the back of the card with a clear indication of when to take the medication. On the inside of the card, extra space has been provided where a sticker with instructions or extensive information about the medicine use can be placed. It is also possible to add more pictures of the medicine enclosed. The information and layout of the card are easy to personalize to best serve your customer.

QR code for traceability

The QR code can hold valuable information about the card, such as patient information or details about the content of the cavities. When the Personal Medication Card is packed by the VBM Blister Packing Machine 200F, the code also provides access to the packing information and a picture of the packed card. The layout of the card can be easily adjusted: there are cards for string dispense, 4*7 dispense (4 intake times a day, weekly), or 5*7 dispense (5 intake times a day, weekly). Because there is always a card that fits the needs, overfill is no longer a necessity.

“The Blister Card is especially handy for the elderly and those people who take a lot of different medications. It is a great support to have a good overview of all intake times, so that they can be compliant with their medicine intake.”

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