MDC II Add-ons

Added functionalities for more reliability and efficiency

  • Logging repaired pouches

  • Integrated with MDC II

  • Extra security checks

Add functionality to MDC II Basic to improve the efficiency and quality of the process of reviewing and repairing checked medicine pouches.

For customers who need more control over their reviewing and repairing process but still want to be able to keep their processes efficient and reliable, MDC II Basic can be extended with the Repair station and extra MDC II Advanced fun­­­­ctionalities.

Advanced search and enforced QC

The MDC II Advanced search function differs from the normal search function in various ways. Searches can be more specific and it allows for patient or location strings that are not in the same batch to be opened all at once in the main window. This can be very useful when newly reproduced pouches are made for a patient or location in a new batch.

There are several functions in MDC II Advanced that increase the traceability of the system and enforce the Quality Control of the user. For example, pills which have been highlighted in the pill library as being risky when taken in combination with other pills can be marked in the MDC. We call this the MDC II Advanced pill combination risk function, which is important if there is a medical risk when the medicines are taken together.

Extra security checks

For most functions the user can set an extra manual check by another operator, the so-called four-eyes-principle. Pouches which are set for an extra check can be found in the MDC II Advanced system. In most circumstances pharmacists do not need to have the physical patient pouch strings to hand when clearing the extra checks.

Repair Station

With the Repair station a new image of the repaired pouch can be added to the pouch information. This means that the actual pouch can now be viewed even after it has been distributed. Combined with the check point function in MDC II Advanced, another authorized person can approve and clear the repaired pouch without having the actual pouch at hand. This makes repairing pouches safe and efficient.

“These extensions of MDC Basic provide an even deeper insight into production and add functions for more reliability and efficiency.”

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