MDC II Basic

Easy and user-friendly pouch review

  • User friendly

  • Efficient workflow

  • Instant access to data

Medicine Detection Check-out (MDC) is the software for pouch review and check-out and is the heart of the verification process.

It provides detailed information of the verification process, highlighting the pouches for review and allowing instant access to data for any produced pouch.

User level settings for controlled access

MDC allows various user levels to be set and tailored exactly to the pouch production procedures for that specific user. This means it is possible to assign different actions, such as repairing and checking out pouches, to different persons, allowing for the correct placement of personnel.

Improved efficiency

To improve efficiency, all pouches in one batch that trigger an alarm can be viewed in one cycle. When using this function the first pouch within the batch will automatically be selected. When the user has dealt with that alarm, MDC II will then automatically move to the next pouch that has triggered an alarm.

This process will continue until all of the pouches that have triggered alarms (in a selected batch) have been addressed.

Pouch supervision

Our Pouch Review software provides detailed results for the verification process, highlighting the pouches that require review and allowing instant access to data for all pouches. The layout columns and view panels can be configured to the preferences of a specific user.

“MDC provides a complete overview of all checked pouches and gives a full and clear insight into the pouches that need repair.”

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