MDM 1 Series

Verifying and reviewing medicine rolls at patient level

  • Compact

  • Efficient

  • Accurate verification

The MDM 1 series accurately and effectively verifies and reviews medicine rolls at patient level.

Compact system

The MDM 1 series is our smallest model that automatically checks patient pouches quickly and securely. Because the software is integrated, all pouches can be verified and reviewed in one place. This very convenient pharmaceutical machine is perfect for smaller pharmacies and hospitals. This smaller machine is a perfect way to start verifying medicine pouches on a small scale. It is also highly suited to situations where only small single-dose rolls need to be checked. Because it uses the same proven verification technology, the quality of the verification will be guaranteed.

Most efficient process

The process flow of the system is set up in a way that the customer can use it as efficiently as possible. Reviewing the pouches is made easy with smart functions in the software and a user-friendly user interface. By using specific algorithms and pill types we have been able to reduce the ‘false alarm rate’ (pouches that are falsely alarmed) of the system. This makes Global Factories pouch verifying systems the most efficient on the market.

Accurate checking

Using various software algorithms, the MDM 1 Series reads the pouch barcode and quickly and accurately checks the shape, colour and number of pills. Several images are made of each pouch, which are stored for security and accountability. Our Pouch Review software provides detailed results for the verification process, highlighting the pouches that require review and allowing instant access to data for all pouches. Reports can be printed or exported, and repaired pouches can be registered by capturing a new image at the Repair Station. Innovative software enables the usage of data connected to a specific bar code in different processes, even after the medication rolls have left the pharmacy. Such data can be crucial for the pharmacist, for example in case of a medication recall.

“The MDM 1 series combines excellent pouch verification with a compact design, making this perfect for smaller retail pharmacies and hospitals.”

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