The most efficient pouch verification machine on the market

  • High-speed and accurate checking

  • Flexible distribution

  • Easy maintenance and replace parts

For efficient and professional pouch verification we present the MDM Pro which offers fully automated cutting, winding and sorting of large batches of pouch rolls.

High-speed and accurate checking

The MDM Pro verification technology is based on various advanced algorithms to find and match the pills. This technique makes it possible to have a very low false alarm rate, so less pouches needs to be reviewed by an operator making the process more efficient. The integrated winder collects the pouches after verification and automatically separates any patient rolls that needs to be reviewed. The double poles in the winder make sure that verification, winding and cutting is a continuous process.

Flexible and automatic distribution

After the winding of the pouch rolls, the rolls can automatically be separated between good and alarmed patient rolls. Pouch rolls with errors can easily been found, saving time. A conveyor belt at the exit of the MDM Pro can transport the winded pouch rolls to the next process step in the repacking process: the reviewing of the pouch rolls. The direction of the dispatch of pouch rolls is flexible and can be connected to a transport belt.

Easy maintenance and replace parts

The modular design reduces downtime for service and maintenance. Complete modules can be replaced; therefore the repair time is shorter and less instruction is needed. The sticker cartridge is especially designed so the stickers can be refilled easily, making production more efficient. A sensor detects if the sticker roll is almost empty and warns the operator in time to prepare a new sticker module for replacement.


"The future of pouch verification "

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