VBM 200F

Blister cards filled and checked in one

  • Efficient and safe

  • Flexible

  • Excellent traceability

The VBM Blister Packing Machine checks and fills blister cards with medicine in a single smooth process.

We can ensure that medicines are correctly packed in blister cards and that efficiency in the packing process is improved by using our proven patented technology to verify medicine pouches.


Quickly fills and checks blister cards

The VBM automatically checks the contents of every blister cavity and makes a comparison with the prescribed medicines and the model library. Using various software algorithms, the VBM quickly and accurately checks the shape, colour and number of pills. This technology has proven to be very successful in verifying medicine pouches and it has been adapted in the VBM to check blister cards. The machine has the capacity to store 200 cartridges with medication and these can be exchanged or refilled during production, making sure the workflow is uninterrupted.



Flexible to suit your needs

With the VBM 200F different types of blister cards can be filled. From managing week cards with four or five intake times or cards for complete wards, everything is possible. Two manual filling trays allow medication which cannot be placed in the cartridges to be added. The medication is added directly into the machine prior to the final verification. To ensure accuracy of manual filling, these trays are equipped with guided lighting and instructions on the screen.

Excellent traceability of the packing process

The entire packing process is photographed and all data is safely stored for reporting and future reference. Data and images of all the packed medicines and blister cards are therefore always available. Specially developed software gives a clear overview of all packed blisters and makes it easy to complete the blisters for transport.

“The first blister packing machine which can check and fill blister cards in a fully automated and safe way.”

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