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The key to good and reliable verification is an accurate model library of all the medicine which needs to be detected.

The key to good and reliable verification is an accurate model library of all the medicines that need to be detected, essential for both the blister packing process and the verification of medicine pouches. This library contains the models and parameters of all pills. The Vision Station is a great help in building such a model library.

Helps build a good pill library

The Vision Station works with a special software, Pill Programmer, to make the models for the pill library. Extra parameters can be added to the pill library to enrich the data and make the verification of pills better. In the software, several models for one pill can be added so that the pill is also recognizable when it is positioned on its side. For different types of pills, such as half granular or transparent pills, different algorithms are used to make the verification as good as possible.

Improves efficiency

A good pill library reduces the amount of false alarms: pills that are wrongly rejected but are good for dispensing. The lower the false alarm rate of a system, the higher the efficiency because the system will not reject the pill or indicate an error in the package. With the use of the Vision Station, pill models can be made without the use of a Medicine Detection Machine, so there won’t be interference in the production process. For the VBM Blister Packing Machine the use of the Vision Station is essential in order to build the model library.



“A good model library is essential for excellent and reliable verification of medicines.”

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