Increase efficiency with our winding solutions

  • Efficient processing batch rolls

  • Flexibility

  • Easy transport

To increase process efficiency, winders can be used in different phases of production.

Whether the pouches are exiting a Tablet Packing Machine (TPM) or have just been checked by the MDM, we have a solution that will automatically create a set of neatly wound rolls of pouches, ready for the next step in the production process.


Winding pouch rolls directly from Tablet Packing Machine

The TPM Winder is a fully automatic winder that winds rolls directly from the Tablet Packing Machine. It adjusts its winding speed to match the output of the packaging machine, making the batch roll immediately ready for further processing. The adjustable stand ensures the winder can be connected to different types of Tablet Packing Machines.



Winding larger rolls at any moment in production

The SA (Standalone) Winder creates rolls of pouches at selected speeds. It can be used in conjunction with the MDM, controlled by a simple foot pedal or hand controller to regulate the speed. The winder is very easy to use and can maneuver. It can handle rolls with a maximum diameter of 40 centimetres. Both TPMWinders and SAWinders can be used in combination with an easy release core and winder disk to make the transport of the winded rolls simpler.

Wind small pouch rolls at your desk

The Table Winder is a standalone winder for winding smaller, individual patient rolls. This handy device is designed to sit on a table top and is operated by a foot pedal. It is a very convenient method of rolling pouch rolls after repair.

“No more strangled pouch rolls with the use of our winders.”

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